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Deborah Graffmann wrote:
In a free country, the market and the public should determine whether TVN succeeds or fails. The CRTC should reconsider the TVN application and allow "survival of the fitest" to determine which stations are viable.

Richard Nester wrote:
How can Canada's Number 1 city for tourism, be denied a network of their own!! What I need to know is WHY?? Why, can places like Barrie, Hamilton,Kitchener be allowed access on the airwaves and Niagara Region is a no go!! Sounds like to me "Sour Grapes" Niagara should have, deserves it and one day they will!!!

Daniel Shakhmundes wrote:
The CRTC's decision is like a punishment to Niagara, especially in the face of too many economic difficulties.

Robert Tanos wrote:
How can the CRTC let us down like this? I thought I lived in a free country but I realize now we are all under the thumb of the mighty opresser. What about all the good things that would have come to so many Canadians from TVN Niagara becoming a reality? Instead of our commerce being allowed to flourish here in Niagara, we are shut down because we threaten an already existing and growing market? All the CRTC's reasons for denying TVN a broadcasting licence do not add up to be worth the benefits which would have come to so many. For the first time in my life, I am embarassed to be a Canadian. So much for standing up and trying to make something of yourself in this neck of the woods. It's more like stand up and get your head chopped off~! This is dirty politics to say the least! The big broadcasting moguls win and the little engine that could - can't~! This only proves that payola is alive and well in this country.
I say we line up our soldiers and march straight to Ottawa and knock a few doors down~!

Jason Porter wrote:
Very odd if you ask me. How does this make sense. Oh wait, it does make sense, because it's an honest application with honest people behind the helm. I wonder what would have happened if their were kick backs, or "private meetings".

From experience I know that deals like this are made at the Coral Centre. I wonder how many meeting took place there with the broadcasting big shots, and those from the CRTC.


Jason Porter
Director of Sales

Mary Pearson wrote:
I believe that TVN should be granted a broadcasting license. I have been a Niagara area resident for 30 years and I have always wondered how such a booming city could not have much news to report. The closest area to "cover" Niagara is Hamilton and if you listen to the news lately,they have enough news to televise of their own... Niagara area residents deserve to have a station dedicated to informing us of the news we "need to know". Cable 10 doesn't cover the "news" they just cover minor information. We need a station for Niagara area residents by Niagara area residents. The CRTC needs to reconsider it's decision to keep TVN from the airwaves. Take a vote and let the residents decide if they want news from their hometown or from a large city with more than enough news in their own backyards, to tell us what's happening in ours. I ask the CRTC to stand up and let the people decide who we want to hear OUR news from.

Richard Michael Sasse wrote:
This truly has to be one of the most devastating moments not only in Canadian Television but at the same time a devastating loss for our own cultural independence. My mind is perplexed as to how the CRTC could put forth such a decision that is undoubtedly influenced by the Conglomerates within the Television Industry. These are the same Conglomerates that claim to be facing economic hardships – not realizing that the situation is self-inflicted by they’re own short-sightedness and greed. These Giants are more accountable to the individual Shareholder then they are to the Community in which they belong.

These individuals would forgo the opportunity to deter us from being brainwashed into a homogenized American culture for a simple added Christmas Bonus, while in the process ignore the intellectual creativity of our own society. All for the simple reason that a less “evolved” population believes that Reality TV is “the in thing.” Why should we allow ourselves to be degraded and turned into a “tabloid culture?” Canada is known to be the home to many great writers, producers, musicians, and technicians - in brief some of the greatest minds on the planet reside within our borders. Why should we allow our identity and intelligence to be compromised by greedy short-sighted shareholders? It’s no wonder why Canada has been suffering the “great brain drain” to the south for decades.

Purchasing cheap mind-numbing American programs and re-branding them as Canadian television is no way to promote our national pride and identity. With our culture being stripped away at the rate of one degrading American primetime program at a time - how can a great writer, producer, musician - or even in these dire times a health care professional be granted the wish of being successful within the community they belong? The CRTC has denied us the Citizens of Niagara this right. A right that is our only hope of preventing our fall into the melting pot known as the GTA - or commonly known throughout the rest of Canada as Toronto, U.S.A. Correct me if I’m wrong here; but I thought the CRTC was established to prevent this situation from happening?

Daniel Shakhmundes wrote:
Anyone who is interested in this matter should check out this link:
"CRTC Does Not Support Local TV" by Craig Huckerby,
Very logical and well-founded points are made, much like on this page as well. If anyone was to start a class action lawsuit against the CRTC for going against it's mandates of "Reflecting Canadians to Canadians" and "Reflecting Our Canadian Values" in favour of the profit margins of inhumaine corporations, I would definitely lend some of my time.

Andie Maranda wrote:
I have lived in the Niagara area for over 15 years. After having moved here from Montreal (and being born and raised in Quebec city), I was in for quite a culture shock. It took me a while to adapt but the one thing that I have always said is that the Niagara region is at least 15 years behind the times. This stands for job equality, cultural events, and trends. Everything stops at Hamilton. I have whined about this for fifteen years.

The CRTC turning down TVN's application is just one more thing to prove my point.

Sheldon Johnson wrote:
Yes TVN faces many challenges, yes it will have to appeal to several people and not just a specific group, yes there will be mistakes made in the beginning, yes some peole may not be happy with the presence of TVN and will do everything in their power to shut it down (Sadly in this case they've succeeded).

I can go on for ages but to put things in perspective, this happens all the time, to people to bussinesses and even media outlets, rather than give up why not take a chance and see what happens, we all need to start somewhere and last time I checked this is exactly how this country came to be is it not?

With so much of Canadian Television seeking to become American (A step backwards if you ask me) it is refreshing to see something that goes against the grain but what is the reward? Ignorance followed by sheer greed? How many stations does Toronto have and yet they feel so threatened by one station that isn't even in Toronto? Hamilton allocates 10%-15% of their news coverage to Niagara which for a person living in Niagara it is unacceptable, why should we be dependant on the scrapings that CHCH defines as news? Would it not be easier for them to no longer worry about having to cover Niagara when we can do it ourselves?

It really is a sad day that the CRTC chooses to listen to big money media conglomerates rather than the people that they are supposed to be looking out for? Is this the future of Canadian Television? After travelling the world for the last 6 years I've always been proud to say that I am Canadian and how they must come to Canada, nowadays I am still proud to be Canadian and I still tell people to visit Canada, the only difference will be is advise them not to watch Television just in case they get confused as to which county they are supposed to be visiting.

Mitch Gent wrote:
This is very disappointing, I'd like to point out a few things the other stations brought up (after skimming through the report)

- Point 16 in the report, CKCO-TV in Kitchener, a market of comparable size to the Niagara region.
Last I checked, we received much more tourism than Kitchener.

- Point 19 in the report, CHCH-TV already serves the Niagara region. It submitted that 10% to 15% of the news stories covered by CHCH-TV are specific to the Niagara region
Wow.. I'm thrilled I hear about Niagara 10-15% of the time. I'm sure the Tourists love that amount of coverage on Toronto (which would probably be above 50%). Last time I watched CHCH-TV, I saw that crime was the most news-worthy thing.

As for lost revenue for Toronto, points, and other stations...

Couldn't the same be said about Niagara? We're losing Tourism & revenue to Toronto; advertising money that could be used to promote the area, and events in the area for Tourists and locals. I can see how Toronto would be concerned, since their stations promotes Toronto, and their own cultural events. If anything, close the Hamilton station down and open TVN!

For more information on the decision, Google "Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2005-544"

John Savoie wrote:
Once again, Canada has turned its back on Canada. I say move forward with the US-Based Broadcasting plan. Niagara not only needs a voice of its own, it deserves it. The Red Faction of the CRTC will be left scratching their heads.

John Savoie
Owner Pistolero Films

Cindy Boyd wrote:
I can't believe it! I honestly thought the CRTC had the interest of the Canadian people in mind when it comes to making decisions such as this. I guess I was wrong.

TVN was a chance to give Canada's #1 tourist destination a voice and it was a chance to take Canadian Broadcasting back to it's roots and back to the community.

I truly hope that this is NOT the end for TVN!

Dave Sanders wrote:
It is so beautiful to know that two of the major cesspools in this area are allotted full reign over our viewing preferences. Toronto needs more television channels like they need more murders. I have given up on watching forms of media such as television, due to the false reporting that goes on on the Hamilton news. I know first hand how stories are edited and twisted on certain Hamilton stations.
I really don't care what is happening in these areas as well. If you have ever visited them, you would understand. The Niagara Region is an area ripe with culture, and brilliant artists, ready to shine. By declining this station, CRTC shows us once again, that the government does NOT speak for the people, only for the corporations and pocketliners. Welcome to America.

Marc Lupish wrote:
Hearing the bad news from the CRTC was a shot to the heart.

It's a sad day when a television graduate can only look to Toronto or the USA for a career.

I spent three years in college, studying television, hoping I would be able to find work in my hometown.

The CRTC has overlooked what kind of impact TVN would have on the economy here in Niagara.

I would just like to share my graditude to the Wendell and Tracy and thier entire team who put this wonderful idea together. Please don't be discouraged and give it another go.

Dan Goodchild wrote:
This decision absolutely stunned me. This was a total no-brainer and the CRTC completely dropped the ball. I was at the hearing this summer and I remember that the CRTC officials had to ask the audience to be respectful when a CHCH representitive got up to speak. This was because every time mention was made that CHCH already serves Niagara, there a very loud and very negative response from those of us in attendence. The fact that they asked us to quiet down means that they were aware of our feelings about CHCH.

They knew we were (are) unhappy with the coverage our region receives from Hamilton and they chose to ignore us. This must not be allowed to stand! As soon as the January 23rd election is over, I am going to talk to my MP about this and ask him/her to look into the CRTC's decision. I urge anyone who wants to see TVN succeed to do the same.

Bernie Slepkov wrote:
The whole thing stinks to high hell!

Here we have an applicant (Wendell Wilks) with experience in TV startups, backed by an internationally recognized personality in marketing and advertising (Terry O'Malley). I don't doubt for a second TVN's backers all have strong backgrounds in the field. How can the CTRC, on one hand acknowledge the creativity of TVN's proposed business plan, yet on the other, decline their application because of it? In my opinion, it's none of the CTRC's f'n business!

This region is horrendously under served, and as I expect, the impact of rising fuel costs will make it all the more relevant to regional advertisers to advertise regionally - and not to distant viewers who will find it to expensive to go out of their own region for products and services.

It boggles the mind to hear the number of licences granted to other regions and yet we still can't get even one! I really hope that TVN takes the CTRC to task and reveals to the nation, in all it's glory, just how disfunctional the CTRC has become. I hope, with all my heart, that Wendell and backers give the CTRC a good run for their money.

Simon Clery wrote:
I am still shaking my head at the CRTC's negative decision. One asks, why such short sightedness ? Obviously CH T.V. of Hamilton would have their knickers in a knot if TVN's licence application was granted, but one also has to look at Standard Radio and how their advertising revenue would be affected with 3 stations in the region and we can't forget Metroland (TORSTAR) with Niagara This Week, the Osprey group of newspapers which includes The St. Catharines Standard, The Niagara Falls Review, The Welland Tribune plus countless local weeklies. To the best of my knowledge all of the above are all corporately governed from within the GTA. But this decision is shortsighted because hopefully with the imminent launch of TVN Niagara businesses will be in a much stronger position to compete and in many cases survive. Eventually with TVN Niagara business will boom, there will be more $$$ people will still read and listen to the radio and business will use all sources of media to advertise with larger budgets. The CRTC should not be scared of upsetting the apple cart they should take their blinkers off for once and for all and look at all the benefits TVN will bring for everyone even outside of our community in Toronto & Hamilton. CRTC please reconsider and take look at a bigger , brighter picture.

Alan C. Ziemianin wrote:
I have no idea how they can deny such an application. In this area a television station could be run at a substantially lower cost than in major centres. It would also meet the coverage needs of Niagara citizens in a way that CH Hamilton cannot. It almost seems as though the big media doggs don't want to let this little pup in. A terrible shame in our region that struggles to solidify its image abroad.

Richard Beaulieu wrote:
Funny, now CHCH is starting to show up in Niagara!!!!!!
where were you 2 years ago , and will you keep it up ?
If not that's why this hold discussion is up.

Paul P. Koczula wrote:
I don't know if I am addressing the right group but I am going to gripe anyway. I am disappointed in the coverage of the post election coverage by CHCH tv out of Hamilton. I was not able to catch the final coverage of the election on election day. I went to CHCH TV for the final coverage on the day after and did not receive the information at 0840hrs or at 1200hrs or at 1800hrs. I watched the respective TV station for the information I was after but to no avail. What is wrong with this picture when it is my understanding that CHCH Hamilton is supposed to cover the Entire Niagara Region since no one else does.Am I to look to the paper for my answers which I am not happy with either.

Ray Riel Jr. wrote:
After flipping through my cable channel lineup, one would think that anyone could get a licence. This decision should have been a "no brainer" for the 12th largest market in Canada. One can only assume the CRTC is corrupt, because no objective group could be this blind! We can only hope the appeal succeeds and corrects this ridiculous decision.

brad wrote:
I always felt Nagara needed their own station we get very little coverage from Hamilton or Toronto.We are the twelve largest metro pouplation in Canada and it is a shame we do not have our own station.

Allan Miller wrote:
The negative CRTC decision was a blow to the positive economic
developments and cultural communication for First Nations in the
Niagara region. Eastern Ontarion First Nations, much like Niagarans,
have very little representation in the Canadian Broadcast Industry. I
express my gratitude to Mr Wilkes for his insight in providing a vision
inclusive of the Aboriginal people. Our history and freedoms are
intrinsically intertwined in the historic battles that our ancestors fought
and died for on the battlefields of Niagara. Mr Wilkes has my continued
support in appealing the CRTC denial of a TVN broadcast licence.

Dan Tomaski wrote:
After watching the 6:00 news on CHCH-TV they did cover Niagara, a whole 5 minutes. This is not good coverage at all. We need a 1/2 hour or longer news coverage for all of Niagara.The CRTC must get their heads out of their butts.

Matthew Cutler wrote:
I commend you on your appeal of the CRTC ruling to the Cabinet of Canada. Niagara deserves its own voice, a true representation of all this region has to offer.

Your continued professionalism and use of 'common sense' in making a case for this project will be your strength going forward.

It's fair to say you've got the majority of Niagara behind you.

Matt Cutler,
St. Catharines

Derrick Thornbury wrote:
By decling the licence application made by TVN, the CRTC has shown clearly what their mandate really is. It is definitely NOT promoting or protecting Canadian Content and programming. It is to protect the financial interests of the major Canadian networks CTV and Global, and to prevent the further erosion of the CBC. The thought that CTV covers Niagara is beyond comprehension. News coverage down here from them is zilch. Weather coverage? We're not even on their radar (pun mildly intended).
As fara as coverage by CH News - well, at least they "mention" us. Or at least they do if it dramatic enough. But, let's face it - their market is the Hamilton area, and they know that the majority of their viewers could really care as little about what happens here as I do about the fender-benders that happen there.
As far as the financial end of this business goes, are we not a free market society? If I wanted to open a corner grocery store I would want to make sure that I could afford to stock the shelves. But there is always a risk that I could lose my shirt. Should that risk prevent me from getting a business licence and at least trying? No. Of course there is a chance that TVN could fold and its investers lose their money. It's a risk. Should that prevent the CRTC from granting them a licence. No way! The investers are all grown men and women who are capable of making decisions, including where they wish to invest their money. If TVN fails, so be it. But if it breaks even, or if it succeeds, think of the benefits. We get the programming and information that we desparately need in the Niagara area. We get jobs that we need down here. And these will not be just more tourist jobs, these are high tech skilled jobs. Careers!
Do we want a local TV station? YES! Do we NEED a local TV station? YES!!! Come on CRTC. Change your mandate from protecting corporate interests to promoting Canadian interests.

Joseph Gallant wrote:
Although I do not live in the area, I have visited the region on vacation. Based on my impressions of the region, I would think that the Niagara region (on both sides of the border) deserves it's own TV station.

How much news of the Canadian side gets covered by Hamilton and Toronto TV stations? Very little. How much news on the American side gets covered by Buffalo TV stations? Not much.

Hopefully, your appeal will be successful and that before too long, TV Niagara will put CKNF-TV (I believe those call letters are available, and "NF" would stand for "Niagara Falls") on the air and finally give Niagara Falls (both Ontario and New York), St. Catharines, and Welland get the news coverage and other attention from a TV station that these areas deserve.

The Niagara region, both in Ontario and New York, need their own TV station!

Best of luck in the appeal, and I hope you win it.

Don Shaver wrote:
CH has always indicated on air that they have a niagara bureau, but this consists of a single blonde reporter driving around the peninsula in her car! giving us news about what went on in the area, pretty much the day after or even 2 days after the event. The camera you see sometimes on air is always of downtown OAKVILLE ! is this what they mean by covering the Peninsula? THEY DO NOT COVER THE NIAGARA PENINSULA> It's as simple as that. We need a truly Peninsula news and Information channel, to indicate school clossings, traffic slowdowns, road closures, etc. pertainent to Niagara, covered by by people interested and living in Niagara

Sandor Ligetfalvy wrote:
Looks like we can only represent ourselves through the Internet until the CRTC gets their heads out of their u know wheres. That's what we do at It's about the local music scene, which is thriving and itself deserves attention.
I'm sure that there is also need enough for our own evening news broadcasts, and reporting of our food festivals, concerts, and heck local weather!
In the meantime we'll have to stay online to get the Niagara scoop. But it's nice to see on this page here that there are so many people interested in locality! Community matters.

j.t. machugh wrote:
niagara deserves its own station

Gabrielle Iviney wrote:
I have lived in the Niagara Region for a over year now and feel left out in the cold in regards to what's happening locally. I must say that the local newspaper is fabulous here in Niagara, but it only comes out twice a week and it isn't TV. When I lived in The GTA I could turn on my Tv in the morning and share a cup of coffee with Breakfast Television and feel a part of what is going on out there.
Now watching Breakfast TV is boring because it doesn't relate to me any more and CH Morning Live is ok but they don't cover anything past Stoney Creek.

The Niagara Region has so much to offer and newcomers to the area, like myself, need a TV station to call their own. We need those familiar faces in the mornings to start our day. We need to know where the best restaurants are, where to shop for the things we need and who to call when we need something done. City TV offers that to the GTA so why can't TVN have the chance to give that to us. We need local news to know what is going on out there. We need real local weather forcasts.
There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get a handle on the weather here. Anybody who is anybody knows that the weather in Fort Erie certainly isn't the same as the weather in Grimsby or for that matter St. Catherines.

There is an endless supply of small businesses here that need a media voice that only a local station could provide. There are political issues, social issues,agricultural issues, arts,culture and much , much more news worthy stuff that would supply a TV station with good, clean news and entertainment for as long as the Niagara River flows over the Falls.

We need you TV Niagara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope to see you soon.

Gabrielle Iviney
Grimsby, Ontario

Clayton A. Masales wrote:
My name is Clay Masales and since the time I was born I lived in Niagara Falls. This was a very lucky thing for me because of the historical value of the area, the natural beauty, and the quality of life that is enjoyed in Niagara. The only unfortunate part of living there is that since I was a child I've wanted to work in television. I am now 22 and live in Toronto where I am working on fulfilling that dream. While I am enjoying my time here nothing could be better than returning to Niagara Falls and getting to work for a station like TVN.

I think a perspective people haven't much looked at this from is of the jobs the station would create. From broadcasters like me to engineers to keep the station running it would make for an even better economy in the region.

Mike wrote:
CRTC panders to the 'Big Networks'. It is more detrimental to the promotion of Canadian production and Canadian content than any entity could be. The CRTC has become the polar opposite of the spirit of it's design.
Take CHAT TV in Medicine Hat for example. A small market television station that made a legitimate request for the satellite TV providers in the Medicine Hat area to carry their station. CHAT TV was and is the only TV station that provides daily local news coverage in the area. Almost half of local area residents have their TV signal delivered by Bell Expressvu. Bell did not carry the local TV station for the reason that it had no room for another channel. So unless local residents had Cable television, the would not receive CHAT TV. The cable companies are mandated to carry local programming and news but for some reason it is not a requirement of the satellite providers. After years and years of complaints from area residents to the CRTC. And after numerous letters, hearings, meetings etc. by CHAT television with the CRTC to mandate Bell to adhere to black and white regulations, Bell expressvu continued to operate in the area unhindered. Finally this year, Bell expressvu put CHAT TV up on their Nimick II satellite as a solution to the incessant badgering of CHAT television. Most subscribers to Bell expressvu still do not receive CHAT TV as it only comes with the HD package.
It's incredible that the CRTC has no teeth when it comes to the big companies like Bell.

Now is there any wonder why the CRTC has no quams with the CTV takeover of CHUM and CityTV? If anybody should be losing their jobs, it shouldn't be employees of CityTV and A-Channel. It should be the jerks working at the CRTC.

Neil D.Burton wrote:
I was born and raised in T.O.I have lived in the Niagara area for 29 years. We can't let them push our dreams to the side. It's not just news we're talking here, it's the arts. All the creative potential of this area would flourish with TVN. They seem to hand out stations in the "big city" to anyone with an idea. Well, this isn't just anyone and it's not just an idea, it's NIAGARA with a whole population of actors, athletes, artists, writers and independent film makers. We need a voice. TVN would give us that voice and a place to showcase the great talents of this area. Neil D. Burton - OUR TOWN PRODUCTIONS

Robert Kanis wrote:
The CRTC should have approved TVN.If it fails then so be it.Give them a license.Look at all the digital stations on cable,some fail some succeed but they almost all get a chance.Robert Kanis

John Levick wrote:
We are certainly underserved in Niagara. Write letters to your MP and urge them to push for a reversal of the CRTC decision, then disband the CRTC once and for all.

Wendy wrote:
As a former Niagara Falls resident, it still makes me sick to my stomach to hear of more and more people having to leave the Niagara Penninsula to find jobs. Doesn't the CRTC realize that by having a local TV channel (TVN), would create jobs in Niagara, and more importantly, encourage students to delve into the media and television markets? The CRTC should be ashamed that they can not realize the potential of local news and media via the TVN network.

Shame on you CRTC.

ps.happy in Montreal with 2 local news stations, Global (channel 6) and CHCH (channel 12).

Wendy Schneider
Montreal, Quebec
(former Niagara resident)

Amy Ball wrote:
If Niagara is to return to prosperity - we must have access to all forms of media. Niagara needs to speak with one voice - we are beginning to see that happen - but right now it is like a tree falling in the forest - who is listening. We have allowed CHTV to patronize us long enough - they will only cover us under tragic circumstances and that is simply not acceptable. The last time I checked - we lived in a free enterprise society. TVN has the business plan and the investors at the ready - who is the CRTC to refuse them the right to initiate this project. Niagara needs to use their one voice now or we will continue to be underestimated and overlooked!

gary wrote:
As an American living in Canada I find this whole fiasco hiliarous and sad at the same time. I come from a small town and we had 3 local stations. I miss the local touch. No idea what is going on anywhere here. It's simply a safety factor that is being overlooked.

Being in the Ft. Erie area now we lived through what is billed in Buffalo NY as a disaster. Buffalo is a national disaster area. Ft. Erie? No idea. Can't find a thing out about anything. Where do you go for help if you need it? Is there help if you need it? Citizens of Canada... and I mean ALL of Canada need local news coverage. Having the nearest station 100 klicks away is just downright dangerous to citizens.

Now, as far as the age of 500 channels... right. It's so different here. In the states it's illegal to show the same show on a different channel at the same time. And with very good reason. Here, you can have a dozen or more channels showing the exact same show. So, you essentially don't have that many channels.

Canada is a great country. Just needs a little tweaking here and there.

Marcus Scarrow wrote:
Of course St.Catharines should have it's own TV station! With over 130,000 residents + the surrounding area it's almost large enough for two. As a Sarnia-Lambton resident I know what It's like to be underserved by local television as our CTV affiliate is nothing more than a CKCO Kitchener broadcaster.

Robert Standish wrote:
As we are led to belive this Region already has representation via CHCH. I must admit I have never seen thier presence in the area and their news programing tends to stay in the Hamilton areas of concern. I would hope that sooner than later the CRTC can see that this Region should have it's own voice. In the already crowded competative market in Toronto they seem to continue to increase the competativeness of the airwaves. I feel that what this station is offering is much the same as City TV offered in it's inital days, progressive identity to the population, cutting edge and far more advanced. I can only hope the error of their ways is rectified sooner then later. I am positive that there is plenty of room for competition for CHCH. If they are not prepared to share then they should get out of the way.

Jason wrote:
As a graduate of the Broadcasting course at Niagara College I found it very difficult to find employment in this area. I love the Niagara Region and wanted to stay here. I worked part time at one of the few Video production houses here but eventually gave up and got a job outside of the field. It was a hard choice to make but I didn't want to move to Toronto. I wish there had been a station in this area and was excited when I heard about the application to the CRTC.
That excitement turned to discust after they rendered their decision. This area is populated and large enough to support a local station.
CH Tv only started to up their coverage of this area after the application went in because they know that this station would work.
I hope you will continue the fight to bring our area to the airways

Kristen wrote:
I am quite upset that TVN has been turned down. I am a broadcasting student at Niagara College and a station of this nature would have provided many job opportunities for myself and classmates right here in the area. The Niagara region has a consistant growth of new families moving to the area and a station of this nature would be very beneficial and unite the communities. I can only wish that things will change and TVN will be born to the Niagara region. We have a very prestigious broadcasting program in the area, I believe it makes sense to have a station to keep some talent local.

Daniel Goodchild wrote:
How's this for a slap in the face?
"Today the CRTC announced that it would accept applications from other parties wishing to obtain a broadcasting licence (or licences) to provide an over-the-air digital/HD television service (or services) across Canada." - Digital Home Canada website.

Tara Hall wrote:
It is very unfortunate that the TVN application has been denied. As a former Niagara Region resident I have been waiting for broadcast employment opportunites to arise in the Niagara Region so I could return to my roots but continue doing what I love.

Tara Hall * Host * Entertainment Reporter * Miss Canada Int'l 2002

John Petch wrote:
Im from St Catharines, & I feel the Niagara area is badly neglected by chch, we desere better. John Petch

Douglas L Graham wrote:
I have done many performances in the Capital region to support the CRTC and their many campaigns for charity. I have made the decision to stop all work for them as this is the second time I have seen them rear their nasty heads and deny what I consider to be a vital and sensible vehicle for television in order to protect other "pet interests". I believe it is time that the government takes a good look at the practices of the CRTC. If you know of any organizations spearheading a closer look into the CRTC I would love to hear from you so that I can become a pro active Member

Daniel Tisi wrote:
My wife and I only have an over the air (OTA) antenna. This is our main source of TV for our household. In Niagara, we are fortunate to live in one of the best OTA areas in the world, because of our proximity to both Canadian and US network transmitters!! It is annoying to me that a Niagara based TV station, the area where most of us could enjoy FREE, OTA HDTV, has been whored to one of the big companies. This is nothing more than a ploy to increase cable subscription in the area! I say let's contact ION TV in Batavia or WBBZ in Buffalo and let's see if they would be interested in taking over the vacant towers in our area! We could require X hours of Niagara, ON, Canada based programming be shown on their channels. Frustrating!